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04.05.20 -24.05.20 - Second Summer term 1 tasks - Science

Science – Living Things and Digestion


Here are different tasks related to our Science unit about Living Things and Digestion. Some of these tasks may take longer than others. There are six tasks on the grid but three of them are optional. We would like a minimum of three of the tasks be completed by Sunday 24th May. (We would like at least one of the tasks completed by Sunday 17th May. Task 6 has been labelled as optional and you may choose from the other five tasks which three to do. We would be very happy if you wanted to complete more or all of the tasks. Within a task, the Extension Tasks are always optional. We look forward to seeing all of your work.


We recommend that as you complete each task, you submit it and then move on to the next. You may submit it as a document or a photograph of the completed work.


All separate resource files are highlighted in green. Videos and web links are highlighted in yellow.

There are things marked optional because they will help consolidate your learning but you can complete the task without them. Things marked very optional can be used to really expand on the topic if you want to.


The web addresses have been put with their relevant tasks but the hyperlinks have been put at the end of the document.


Key vocabulary: Stomach, intestines, gullet, anus, mouth, liver, canine, molar, premolar, incisor, saliva, digest, producer, predator, prey, decay, fibre, sugar, carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, habitat, classify, group, explore, classification key, identify, identify, vertebrates, invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals.

Science - Living Things and Digestion Topic Grid