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Search - 03.05.20 - First Summer term 1 tasks - RE

In the RE Hinduism and Islam Topic Grid PDF are the different tasks related to our RE units about Hinduism and Islam. Some of these tasks may take longer than others. We would like all of these tasks to be completed by Friday 1st May. (We would like at least two tasks completed by Friday 24th April and the remaining tasks by the Friday 1st May).


You can do Islam (labelled 1-3) or Hinduism (labelled A-C) first but complete the tasks related to that religion before moving on to the next religion. 


We recommend that as you complete each task, you submit it and then move on to the next. You may submit it as a document or a photograph of the completed work.


Bonjour tout le monde,

This week, we finish off our topic on the weather by doing the weather forecast!


You may want to revise your weather vocabulary before watching this week’s video.


  • Here is this week’s link, your task is at the end. The map of France from my Powerpoint is attached to this assignment. Please upload your work as on Arbor as usual.


  • Watch this if you want too, it’s a little girl presenting the weather forecast (“la méteo”). Try and listen out for expressions you know! She uses words like “dans le nord” (in the north), “dans le sud” (in the south), “dans l’ouest” (west) and “dans l’est” (East):  (sarah)


  • And this is another teaching video made for African children learning French. It’s quite fun.


Amusez-vous bien

Madame D.