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2021 Opening arrangements & development plans

Children's return September 2021

All children return on September 3rd 2021.  Below are details of the measures we are still taking and the changes children and families will find when they stgart.  


Start/End of the day: All children will start school at 9am (doors open at 8.50 am for Years 2 to 6).  The school day finishes at 3.15pm for Reception, Year 1 and Year2 and at 3.20pm for Years 3,4,5,6.  Parents can enter/exit via Rayleigh Road, The Fairway or the A10 Entrance during this time - there is no one-way system.  Please note that from 9.15am to 3pm the only entrance is Rayleigh Road. 


Masks and social distancing: Adults may wear a face-covering when dropping of/collection but this is no longer enforced by the school.  We advise all adults to maintain social distancing and to wear a covering when in crowded spaces (such as when waiting for children).  We ask adults to enter and leave as quickly as possible.   We will ask parents/carers to wear masks if attending a meeting in the school. 


The school will continue to:

  • Ensure children wash/sanitise their hands at the start of the day, after breaks and before lunch
  • Ventilate classroom and shared spaces (doors and windows open).  
  • Only have assemblies with one or two year groups
  • Request that visitors (including parents/carers) who enter the building wear a mask.  This will include parent/carers attendance at assemblies and performances
  • Have enhanced cleaning (middle of day cleaning). 
  • Encourage staff to take two lateral flow tests (LFTs) a week to identify any cases. 
  • Have an updated Risk Assessment and Outbreak Management Plan
  • Review all of its measure on a regular basis (the first review will be at the end of Sept).

We will no longer:

  • Separate children into Bubbles
  • Have staggered lunches. 
  • Insist on children being sat in front facing rows 
  • Require children to arrive in the PE Kits (PE kits will be kept in school).


What happens when there is a case in school:We are no longer required to notify families of any new cases or identify close contacts.  This will be done via Test and Trace.  We will notify the Local Authority of any new cases.


An outbreak will be confirmed if the number of cases hit the set threshold:

  • 5 or more linked cases amongst staff/children
  • 10% of children/staff who are likely to have closely mixed

We will be advised by the Dept of Education and/or Local Authority about what measure to put in place to control an outbreak this may include re-introducing measures such as year group bubbles, staggered start/finish etc. We will let families know when this happens.

If there is a local outbreak we may be asked to re-introduce measures.