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27.04.2020 - Summer 1 Week 2


Bonjour les enfants, Ça va bien? Il fait beau, n’est-ce pas ? J’adore quand il y a du soleil !

This week, we are starting a new topic : Mon Corps (My Body)

Over the next few weeks, we are going to learn the names of parts of the body, sing a brilliant, very catchy song called Jean Petit Qui Dance, learn to describe ourselves and others and design a very strange-looking alien!

I hope you’ll enjoy that as I have had a lot of fun planning it!


  • This is the link to the lesson:

There are a lot of words in this video, so DO NOT attempt to learn them all at the same time, it will make your head spin, or give you a “mal à la tête”!

  • I have attached a list of tricks to help you learn efficiently. Have a look!


There is nothing to upload this week, unless I’ve asked you to do your Météo sentences again. But here are some games you can play to help you learn:


  • This is a link to a few online games I have created for you:


  • There are a couple of documents attached that you can print to make flashcards and a crossword puzzle.


And of course, you can teach these words to your family, so that they can ask you: “Ça va?” And you can answer: “NON!, j’ai mal à la/au …!”


Have fun – Amusez-vous bien


Mme D.