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In Science we are looking at Our Changing World.

Our History topic is 'How have schools changed?'

Year 2 read and interviewed their parents to find out what school was like in living memory. They also watched a BBC film about schools 100 years ago and compared what they found out with their own experience of school.

Finally, they created a modern classroom. Enjoy looking at and reading their work!

As part of our themed topic work we learnt about the features of vehicles. Next we designed our own vehicle, before completing the most exciting part of actually making our vehicles! Finally, we thought about what worked really well and what we would change next time. We hope you enjoy looking at our work.
We have been working really hard in English and Science also. We have written instructions for making a sandwich and for how to plant a seed. We have answered comprehension questions and even written our own reports! We hope you enjoy looking at some of our work!
In 2M we have been learning to add together larger amounts of money. We then used subtraction to work out our change. We did this by setting up our own 'Shops'. What would you sell in your shop?