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Street Art

For the next two weeks we are focusing on art and mindfulness, thinking about the wonderful nature around us and how lucky we are to live in a beautiful part of London, where there are so many green spaces. We are thinking of how art has developed in the city, how it was inspired by nature and how we interact with it.

In Art we have looked at buildings- what materials they are made of (we made rubbings of different parts of a building)- and we created our own building designs. Here is some of our work.

In Maths we moved onto learning about measuring capacity. It looks like we had fun!

In English we wrote animal poems with words with suffixes and advice on how to look after a pet.

We have started our work on fractions with some practical activities. See if you can find the fraction!

In Science we are looking at Our Changing World. WE've had some fantastic work- including two video presentations! See if you can follow the link to see Jake's video!

Our History topic is 'How have schools changed'. Year 2 read interviewed their parents to find out what school was like in living memory. They also watched a BBC film about schools 100 years ago and compared what they found out with their own experience of school. Finally, they created a modern classroom. Enjoy their work!

We looked at instructions: followed them, analysed their features, wrote our own. A lot of creativity went into this English unit of work- well done everybody!

We have learned about money- the value of coins, making amounts using different coins, solving money problems, using money in real-life contexts!

Making Vehicles- come and see our wonderful work!