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Class 2S

Butterfly life-cycle: we received some tiny caterpillars and watched them eat, shed their skins and grow. When they were very big, we watched them turn into chrysalis. A few days later, when we returned from a warm week-end, most of the chrysalises had changed into butterflies. The photos show us marvelling at the newly emerged butterflies!

Activities for Stone Age topic: handprints like in the Lascaux cave, stencil drawings and Stone Age 'bones' jewelery.

Our finished DT projects: moving cars.

Mental Health Week- today we made tents and worked as a team. This followed up our Science investigation where we were trying different materials to decide what would be the most suitable to make a tent for Ted. We had lots of fun!

Year 2 have learned how to use a Padlet. Have a look at our work!

2S have been using practical equipment in their Maths lessons.