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every year, I like to organise a French Day for YOU, the pupils of Year 2, to introduce you to the new topic you will start in Y3. A little spiky virus and a temporary school closure is not going to stop me. So, without further ado:

Welcome to Firs Farm’s French Day @ Home!

(It can be any day this week)

Please take lots of photos and upload them unto Arbor. You will be able to do this until this Friday. I will then create a gallery so you will be able to see what everyone else has done.


Bonne journée - Have a great day

Madame Dejonghe


Note for the adults:

The activities are presented in a Powerpoint slideshow. Make sure that you download the document from the school website and open it with the Powerpoint Presentation App (if free on the AppStore or Google play). Do not open it directly on the internet as the visuals and the links may not work. Merci!


If any of the links from the slideshow do indeed not work, here they are again.


Faire des crêpes:

Les Couleurs:

Les Nombres:


Les Histoires:

            Fort Vraiment Fort:

            Petit ou Grand :

            La Chenille qui Fait des Trous :

Jouer à la marelle :


Les chansons :