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Safer Internet Day 2022

All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online


Take a look at some of the activities we completed as part of Safer Internet Day 2022. Each child made a pledge to play their part in creating a safer and kinder online world. You can see some of the pledges below. Furthermore, each class took part in discussions and activities thinking about words and phrases used online and the importance of understanding and remembering that you do not always know who you are talking to or how your words make them feel. We have included pictures of our discussions for you to take a look at.

Have a look through the assembly below. Ask yourself if you would send these messages. If so, why? If not, why not? What do we need to remember when gaming online?


Firs Farm is embracing the changing technical age and ensuring our children are ready to live and work within it.  Every class follows a broad and creative programme of work which covers all of the National Curriculum objectives.  This includes teaching children how technology works, how we can code as well as how we can develop into good digital citizens.  We aim to ensure all of our children are digitally literate by the time they leave Firs Farm. E


Each half term the children complete a different computing unit which is progressive and ensures they meet the demands of the Computing curriculum. This includes learning and using the features of several Microsoft platforms, searching the internet safely and accurately using coding vocabulary when building algorithms. Children have also become increasing familiar with online learning via different platforms such as MyMaths and Microsoft Teams.

As a school, Tapestry is used in the EYFS to communicate children's learning with their adults and we encourage parents/carers to respond accordingly on this.

We ensure children have a good understanding of what it means to be safe online and what to do if they are worried.  This taught through our Internet Safety Week and during all lessons.  All children, parents and staff are expected to sign an Acceptable User Agreement outlining our expectations of children using the equipment and working online. We have also introduced a Social Media Acceptable Use Policy for our KS2 children, in this ever growing digital age.

Below are some links for parents, carers and children to support their online activities and what to do if you are unsure, upset or frightened by anything online. 

Parental Controls

Did you know that most apps/websites can now be controlled by your phone?

Use the links and information displayed here to keep your children safe online when at home:


Internet Matters

Ultimate guide to parental controls


Video gaming and movies

Use these links to help support your knowledge of different video games and movies that are available for children to watch/play:  This is a useful guide specifically for parents to understand video gaming


Use the following links to sign up to newsletters that will keep you up to date on all the latest information regarding internet safety for children both at home and school.