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Critical Worker registration

Details on how we decide who should access critical worker provision can be found in this document:

The school remains open for the children of key workers. Please register your child/ren using the form below. 


If you have a partner or another family member  who is at home and not working we would ask that children remain with them - this is to reduce the risk of infection (although if there are reasons why this is not practicable or suitable please let us know).  We would also ask that you send children in for the days that you work; again to reduce the risk of infection. 


Once we have a clear idea of numbers we will place children into Key worker bubbles and let you know which groups they are.  Your child is unlikely to be taught by their class teacher and could be supervised by a member of staff that they do  not know.  At other times children will have a range of activities not related to the curriculum this may include arts, crafts or games.   Key worker bubbles will continue to have designated adults, playground zones and lunchtimes to reduce mixing with other children. 


All children are to arrive at 8.45am and leave at 3.30pm. Parents should arrive via The Fairway and exit via Rayleigh Road.


We will be unable to offer part-time or reduced hours (unless this is a specific arrangement with our SEN/Inclusion department). 

Alternatively use this QR code on your phone or table 



Critical worker registration form