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Enrichment Activities - After School Clubs

Due to current guidelines on the protective measures to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, from April 2021 we are permitted to open indoor clubs in single year groups. As we are unable to mix children from year groups there will be a reduced number of clubs available for each year group.


For information on what is available, how to book and procedures for clubs please see the documents below.

Collecting your child from a Club - information and arrangements

Collection arrangements : Entry and exit to the school will be via the Rayleigh Road pedestrian gate and a one-way system will be in place (please see the Club collection pdf above). Please remember to wear a face mask and keep a 2m distance from others during collection. If there are people coming in or out of the gate in the opposite direction to you then kindly wait for the path to clear before continuing. At the end of the session the club provider will bring your child to the Rainbow Garden to be collected by the authorised person. Please arrive on time to collect your child from the Rainbow Garden - we cannot permit early entry to the school for parents to wait on the premises.


It is necessary for the club provider to obtain your contact details and details of authorised people to collect your child from the club. Please click on the link below to provide this information to them.


Contact and Collection Details