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Enrichment Activities - After School Clubs

We are pleased to say that we will be opening our clubs fully this term. Indoor and outdoor clubs will be available, and guidelines are that children from multiple year groups can be mixed within a club.


For information on what is available, how to book and procedures for clubs please see the documents below.

Collection arrangements : Entry and exit to the school to collect children after the activity will be via the Rayleigh Road pedestrian gate only. 


At the end of the activity we request parents/carers to be on time to collect their child from the Enrichment Activity, and please note that for safety reasons only one activity can be dismissed at a time. We request all parents to kindly wait outside in the Rainbow Garden for their child to be dismissed. Please be patient as there are often multiple activities running each day. Names of people collecting and specific collection arrangements should be detailed when completing the online form using the link below.


Contact and Collection Details