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Poetry by 5H.

The Sea Side


Shivering and quivering, whilst staring at the dark abyss

The little, frail girl was standing still in silence, clenching her fist.

Despair was her...

Tom, her friend from school, sat by her side surrounded by the mist.


An immense vortex was spinning violently, stirring the whole sea

And the two poor souls were left there shocked to see

The enormous mouth coming forward towards them,

Opening and closing its mighty jaws making a terrifying clicking sound.


The all mighty vortex was coming closer and closer to the children

But they never saw him as he came closer in precision

As the monster leaped to devour the innocent victims

The children saw the monster and kicked him.


Later that day the children went out to play

But far away from the sea side, they

Would gather around and have lunch together

But never beside the sea side.











By Faris


People say I'm aggressive,

But when they see me they think im impressive,

with all my talent,

It seems apparent,

they stay there and open their mouth wide open everyday,

to come and appreciate what ive done today,

they stand up straight and clap for me,

and everyday I think i achieve,

sometimes people hate,

but what I do back to them is communicate about peace and love,

and when I see my son I think he is going to be better than me.


Lockdown by Leo Zacharia

During lockdown I've had to appreciate what I have             

but I hate staying at home Boris!

It started of disastrous staying at home

Everyone was checking their mobile phone

Couldn't see people face to face

Had to communicate in different ways

We zooooooooomed, we what's apped

We even stood outside and clapped.

The restaurants have closed, no where to eat

but at least at my house there is a warm place to sleep.

Not enough PPE equipment going around

for the NHS frontline to be found.

During lockdown I've had to appreciate what I have             

but I hate staying at home Boris!



Summer sun shines on the marvellous sight.

Glistening water splashes as the yacht sails past.

Children in the queue for ice cream refreshing and bright.

Speedboats crashing, splashing and racing fast.

Summer temperature, hot and sticky.

Choosing the best restaurant Mmm… tricky.

A variety, all so excellent and delicious.

All this foreign food is wonderful and nutritious.

We rent a vehicle to go and explore.

This beautiful island so peaceful and pure.

Ancient cities, mosaics and tombs.

A different world from Winchmore Hill fumes.


By Gabriella Sommella, 5H.

By Jake Gul

Parliament said there was a lockdown

According to China it was severe

Neighbours came together just to make a sound

Desperate was Boris to stop the spread

Even though he had just got Brexit done

Medics did not stop working despite covid 1 9

If only Secretary Dominic cummings

Could listen to someone other than himself we would all be fine

Pascals's poem

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