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Home Learning

Mathematics and spelling homework will be set every Friday and is due in the following Wednesday.

Maths homework will be set via MyMaths . As well as this, the children should continue to use Times Tables Rock Stars.


There will be 3- 4 Theme/ English activities set each term.

Your next home learning projects will be due in on Wednesday 22nd April,2020.



We have learned about and written biographies this term, for example Neil Armstrong and King Alfred the Great. Now you can choose who to write a biography about. You will need to research your chosen person and find out about their early life, education and skills. You will need to think about why they are important and/or famous and their major achievements. (Top tip: don't choose anyone too young - they probably have more major events to come in their lives!) Your biography should be at least 500 words long and must be handwritten. You may want to draw or print photos or other diagrams to illustrate your writing.


Bread Research.

We have learned a little about the history of bread this term. We have sampled different types of bread and considered how they can be different around the world. Think about the ingredients you used when you made your own bread roll and what it tasted like. Use your knowledge about bread to carry out more research to deepen your understanding of the importance of bread in our lives.


You could investigate the history of bread through the ages or you may wish to research different types of bread round the world and the traditions other countries keep when they make and eat bread. Perhaps you are interested in where the ingredients for bread come from or the science of bread making. You could investigate how yeast works or how flour is made. Please use your own words.