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Mathematics and spelling homework will be set every Friday and is due in the following Wednesday.

Maths homework will be set via MyMaths . As well as this, the children should continue to use Times Tables Rock Stars.


There will be 3- 4 Topic/ English activities set each term.


Our Science work this half term is learning about the Solar System. Children will be given a diary to complete starting on Monday 27th January. They will observe the moon each evening for 28 days and bring their completed diary to school by Wednesday 26th February, 2020.


In week 1 children will be set a task to prepare to teach one of their skills to another child in the class in week 2. Please be prepared to help your child as necessary.


We would like you to complete the following projects in the Spring term. You may do the activities at any point up to the due date.


Think about Mathematics. We may not realise it but we use Maths everyday. Research how people use Maths on a daily basis.  Due date Wednesday 22nd January 2020.



In Science, we will be looking at Earth and Space. Mrs Silverman will give you a moon diary to complete. What do you notice? Can you find out any information about the phases of the moon? You will get more information once we have started working on our new topic 'Journeys'


In the first half of term we will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons and in the second half of the term we will study the Vikings. Research Viking daily life between 800 AD and 1000 AD and prepare to tell your class what you found out in a poster or leaflet. Due date: Wednesday 26th February 2020.


We will be looking at biographical writing in the second half of the Spring term. Children will research a famous person and write a biography. More details will follow later in the term.