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Key Worker Bubble Y5/Y6

Welcome to our Key Worker Bubble. Here, you will find photos taken during the day when we are working hard or playing hard.

We hope you like them.

Madame Dejonghe and the team


Maya Day (3/02/2021)

As a group, they looked at all the technological advancements of the Maya and decided on an order of importance

We also tasted Maya food.

Our History topic this term is - Mayans. We studied and researched various aspects of the Mayan Civilisation and learnt how to make Mayan masks. The children thoroughly enjoyed making brightly coloured and vibrant masks. 

Paper Airplane competition (11/01/2021)

A frantic game of dodgeball in the large hall (13/01/2021)

Making playdough (I know, even Y6 have to have some fun!)