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Kit List

Osmington Bay – Kit List

Underwear and socks – some activities need socks covering the ankle.

Night Wear

Long trousers/leggings (Not jeans)

Long sleeved T-shirts for some activities



Waterproof jacket that can be folded and carried in a bag (waterproof trousers can be useful in bad weather)


1 pair of trainers for outdoor activities – these might get wet or muddy

(Walking shoes can be useful if weather is wet)

1 pair of trainers for indoor activities

Cap or sunhat

Bath towel (this can be used for hand drying as well)

Toiletries – soap/shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, roll-on deodorant (please do not bring Aerosols), lipbalm, small sanitiser.

Five face coverings.

Refillable drinks bottle


For Dragon Boating - shoes that can get wet, a small hand towel.

Your child will need to carry a small rucksack/string bag with their water, sunscreen, hat, waterproof jacket, face coverings and hand sanitiser around site and for outside trips.

Useful items – small alarm clock or watch, torch, reading materials, card games, drawing/writing materials, a small purse/wallet, battery operated camera, flip flops or sliders.

No hair straighteners but hair dryers are permitted


Please ensure that everything fits in one suitcase and one rucksack/small bag. The children will need to carry/pull their own cases from the coach to the accommodation.

We have lost belongings before if children have had too many separate bags.