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Year 4 Maths - Remote Learning Expectations


We have now moved to set three Arbor tasks a week and one MyMaths online task. We will not set any work on a Friday and hope your child can use this day to catch up with their tasks. We strongly recommend that your child continues to practice their times tables and can login to TTRS (Times Tables Rock Stars) to practice daily.

If your child has forgotten their online login details for either MyMaths or TTRS, your class teacher can email to remind you.


All work can be accessed via school website in addition to Arbor, and work must be submitted to Arbor daily. If you are still having trouble submitting your work online via Arbor, your class teacher will be happy if you email the work instead.


Tasks vary weekly, depending on the unit we are covering and all instructions are made clear of expectation for submission. In addition, we may provide answers for children to self access their work, however children are expected to show ALL their working out. Tasks like this where children have self marked or marked with parents, still need to be submitted.


We are also including an optional arithmetic test at the beginning of the week for your child to complete at their own pace. The test answers/score do not need to be submitted back to your teacher.


ALL tasks including MyMaths are set on Monday morning and are due for the following Sunday at 5pm. We strongly recommend that your child attempts the task within two days to avoid work load piling up.


Please email your class teacher at: for any of your queries.


We look forward to see your hard work!


Year 4 Teachers.


Below are your weekly learning tasks:
Spring 2 Term
Summer 1 Term
Summer 2 Term