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Year 4 Maths - Remote Learning Expectations


You will be able to access all resources on the school website weekly, however tasks will need to be completed and submitted daily, via Arbor.


In maths there will often be more than one challenge provided. This is so that you are able to chose and complete work that is more suited to your understanding of the topic. This might mean that one day you chose Challenge One on a topic that you feel less comfortable with but Challenge Two on a day where you feel more familiar with the topic. No one is required to complete both tasks. There will usually be mastery questions provided as an extension. See the mastery answer guide (bellow) to help you.


All tasks will be due by the following Sunday but we completing the work within two days to avoid too many tasks building up. For example, work uploaded on Monday could be submitted by Wednesday.

Please note: Daily tasks will be uploaded via Arbor by 12pm


Useful resources: squared paper, pencil, ruler