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Summer Fete

This week, the children have the wonderful experience of visiting the mini-summer fete that was provided and ran by the FFA, The children had a selection of stalls to visit with different activities and all received a little treat along the way. They had lots of fun taking part and were so happy that they had this opportunity. A big thank you to the FFA for making this happen.

Museum Madness!

Year 5 have been learning all about the Museum of fun in English over the last few weeks. They were tasked with the challenge of encouraging more children to visit the museum with their adults. In order to do this, the children worked in small groups to write and perform adverts, enticing people in. Have a look at what they came up with!


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Over the last few weeks, we have been beginning to make moving toys using split pins, dowels and a shoe box. Each child has had the opportunity to design their characters and stage, measure and cut wood using a saw and then glue the parts together. Each moving toy was based on a text we had read this year and included, Greek Gods and Godesses; characters from Cogheart, Clockwork and Percy Jackson. It was great to see so many creative skills come to the forefront and  everyone express themselves through Art and D&T. Well done Year 5!


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The children in Year 5 have been taking part in a special STEM project, building VEX IQ robots. They have followed quite complex instructions in order to build a 'Clawbot'. Some of the teams even managed to get them driving! All the children showed great resilience and teamwork during this project and it was a delight to see how happy they were when they had finished the final piece. It was a great sense of achievement for them :)

Year 6 Enterprise

Today, Year 5 spent some of the morning visiting the Year 6 enterprise. It was a SUPERB experience for all of the children and staff. Set out like a mini-summer fete, the children were able to explore different stalls and buy food, drinks, fidgets and take part in different games. They absolutely loved it and it was fantastic to see the children immersed in some real life learning!


A huge thank you and well done to all of Year 6 for putting this together and making it happen and well done to Year 5 for showing great maturity and politeness when going round and visiting all of the stalls. Fingers crossed this becomes a Firs Farm tradition and it’ll be your enterprise we visit next year!


Anglo-Saxon & Viking Day


On Friday, Year 5 took part in an exciting day to round off their learning of explorers and settlers, most notably the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. As part of this day, each child made their own loaf of bread (from scratch!), took part in a fantastic workshop, created books all about Gods and Goddesses and built their own longships. It was a very creative and interactive day that everybody enjoyed. Thank you to all the parents and carers for their support in enabling this to happen.

Brilliant Beowulf, Amazing Anglo-Saxons and the Vicious Vikings!

Christian Aid

As part of our RE Unit ‘Christian Values’, we looked at a charity called Christian Aid and were lucky enough to have a virtual speaker, Ursula, tell us all about how the charity works and what they do to support others. We listened and discussed the story of the ‘Good Samaritan’ and thought about the key work Christian Aid does, not just for Christians, but for all people in need. As part of our talk, Ursula asked us to write an acrostic poem about what we believe Christian Aid stands for and represents. Here is some of our finished work. Thank you so much, Ursula, it was great to hear all about your charity and experience learning outside the (virtual) classroom.

Greek pots

As part of our Ancient Greece unit of work, all the children made a Greek inspired pot and decorated it as if it were from 480BC. They all worked extremely hard ensuring that the shape, colours and patterns were a true representation of what they had been studying in the Autumn term. Here is a selection of the pots made, along with their creator!

Fun Friday

After half term, the Key Worker bubble took part in ‘Fun Friday’ where they learnt vital life skills such as:

  • Using a knife to cut fruit
  • Weighing ingredients
  • Cracking open eggs
  • Flipping pancakes
  • And (most important of all!) WASHING UP!

The children had a great day stepping back from formal academic learning and instead focusing on other skills that will help them through life.

Thank you Sainsbury’s!

A huge THANK YOU to Miss M and the Manager of Sainsbury’s, Winchmore Hill, for arranging craft packs for every single class. We are so happy to have some lovely new resources to use, especially as we are currently at school as part of the Key Worker provision. The children were so excited as we haven’t had new colouring equipment in a long time and they can’t wait to use it! Here are some of the ideas we have for our new equipment:

  • Make posters, cards and pictures
  • Create imagery for YouTube channels
  • Do some more mindfulness colouring and drawing
  • Make more craft in school
  • Learn how to draw using YouTube videos and have the right equipment to complete the task

We are so grateful for you donations and can't thank you enough!


COVID Superstars


Over the last few weeks, we have all been learning how to write a rap and how to make it different from a poem. After spending time investigating the key features and collecting lots of figurative language, we planned our writing by thinking of similes, metaphors and rhyming couplets. We then extended these into sets and included our refrain to make our rap complete! Once we had written our text, we then performed it LIVE! Take a look at some of our work, we hope all the COVID superheroes are proud of what we have created for them as a big THANK YOU for everything they have done for us!

Mountain Mania!

Christmas Cheer

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Ancient Greece WOW day!

Take a look at some of the wonderful activities we have completed today. We started the day reading about Ancient Greece before making our very own Ancient Greek inspired pot (we have to leave them to dry for a few days before we can paint them!) Then we moved onto making Greek headdresses and writing our name using the Greek alphabet. In the afternoon we tried different Greek food and decided on our top 3 before performing different Greek myths in front of each other’s classes. It was such a fun filled day, full of creative flare. Thank you to all of the Year 5 team for the huge effort they put into it and to our parents for the donations to help us fund the day.


Spook-tatstic fun!


What a fantastic time we had dressing up in our spookiest costumes (or other fancy dress) and dancing our feet dizzy in the playground! Thank you to the FFA for playing all of our favourite songs and giving us time to be free and dance/play like nobody was watching! The gift bags at the end of the day were a huge surprise and we loved opening them at home to see all the goodies inside! It was great to have so much fun in school J

Kite Kraziness!


At the end of the first half term we took part in Science week, which this year was all about kites! Using Mary Poppins as our inspiration (and having the famous song stuck in our head!) We designed and created our own kites as part of an experiment.

Which kite would fly for the longest? One made from newspaper or one made from sugar paper.

As part of our investigation, we each made a prediction, explained how we would carry out a fair test, made our kites, carried out our experiment, presented our results in a table and then evaluated our findings.

Most of our predictions were incorrect as the newspaper kite flew for the longest if we stood still (we all thought it would be the sugar paper!) however, when we began to run without kites, all the ones made out of newspaper ripped!

It was so much fun as most of us had never made or flown a kite before so we have ticked something off our bucket list!

Marathon Madness


Over the last 2 weeks, Year 5 have been running/walking/jogging 2.6 miles of the playground to complete the virtual London Mini Marathon. With race numbers in hand, they had to complete at least 16 laps of the daily mile track to achieve their goal. We are so proud of all of them! Medals are on the way and will be given out as soon as they arrive. Well done Year 5!


P.S Coach Miah ran the virtual London Marathon…a whole 26.2 miles. A big well done to him, too!

Take One Picture


Over the last 2 weeks we have been looking at the Battle of San Romano, a painting created by Paolo Ucello during the Italian Renaissance. We have made many cross curricular links in our English and History by taking on the characters of 4 figures form the painting and writing a character profile and diary entry for their point of view. We also wrote a non-chronological report on the Italian Renaissance…they were fantastic! In History, we spent time comparing the battle scene in the painting to a battle scene from the 21st century; how different the weapons, armour and vehicles were! Using different mediums, we have recreated elements of the picture across the fortnight. Using pastels, water colours and paint we have created our own visions and perspectives on Ucello’s work.


Take a look at some of the superb work we have produced over the last 2 weeks.