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What can we learn about the Vikings from the objects they left behind?

5H Our Changing world: cold but sunny and we saw frogs!

5H bread making day - design and technology. 10.02.20

Mrs Herbert Unit group estimate and measure mass 5th February 2020

5B Anglo-Saxon food tasting

5H Anglo - Saxon Daily life January 2020

5H - The Greek pots go home!

5H in the Autumn Term

Year 5 had a fantastic day at the National Gallery looking at paintings associated with Greek myths. This was linked to our topic 'How Civilised!' We were fortunate to have a tour guide to help us think about and understand each work of art. The children had some interesting discussions and enjoyed analysing the paintings. Fun was had by all!

As we have been learning about the features of a mosque, Year 5 visited Palmers Green Mosque on Thursday 10th October 2019. Everyone enjoyed the experience. Hearing some of the children sing the call to prayer and recite the first verse of the Qu'ran was a particularly touching experience.

The children in Year 5 are learning about journalistic writing. They have enjoyed interviewing Coach Miah, a London Marathon runner, and will be using their notes to write a newspaper article.



The children have started the year by looking for signs of plant reproduction around our school.


How will these plants change throughout the year?