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Offline learning

What is offline learning?

Hello Year 3 and welcome to our ‘Offline learning page’. The tasks set out below are designed to help children who are struggling to access the work set on Arbor for a range of reasons. These are OPTIONAL activities for those of you that are also completing work on Arbor. However if you are unable to complete the assignments on Arbor, you are expected to complete some of the 'Offline tasks'. These offline tasks are mainly designed for limited resources and no internet access.  We do NOT require you to submit anything on Arbor.  If you would like to however, send photos via our year group email we can begin to start an online gallery. A handful of activities will be set each week (or fortnightly) and can be completed with limited resources. Your class teachers are really enjoying keeping track of who is completing their assignments on Arbor and therefore expect you to continue. We hope these amendments are making learning easier for you to access at home, during this time.