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Phonics Screening Check

Year 2 Phonic Screening Check


In the summer term, all Year 1 pupils are assessed on their ability to apply their phonetic knowledge to read words. This is carried out using the Phonic Screening Check, which consists of a mixture of 40 words; some real words and some made-up words. All the words are phonetically decodable. (No tricky words are included).  Due to circumstances surrounding lockdown however, the children in Year 1 last year were unable to have this and will now take the Phonic Screening Check in November.

In preparation for this, please read the power point presentation, which gives details of the content of the test and how it will be administered. We hope that this will help you understand how phonics is taught and what the children are expected to know. You can help your child by revising the letters and sounds in each phase. You can find all the letters and sounds in each phase on the Government’s Letters and Sounds website here:


Additionally you can play some of the phonic games we play in class with the children  which can be found on the Phonics Play website here:


You may also wish to look at some sample materials and a video showing how the check is marked. This can be found here:


If you need further advice, please contact the Year 2 Team.


Thank you,


Mrs Spencer and Mrs Burridge