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Relationship & Sex Education information page

The curriculum for Relationship & Sex Education (RSE) changed in 2020. Firs Farm's policy was ratified in February 2020 following consultation with staff, parents/carers and families.  Most of the policy is now statutory and parents/carers are unable to withdraw their children from lessons.  There are some additional units that are voluntary but we are not teaching these during the 20-21 academic year.  This may change in the future. 


Due to the Covid lockdown of 2020 we were unable to deliver RSE in Summer 2020 and now need to do this during the Summer Term.  Children will have RSE from last year taught during one week in the 1st half of the summer term and this year's lessons taught in the second half of the term. 


We will be holding a live parent briefing via Teams.  The meeting will not have chat enabled.  If you have any questions relating to our RSE curriculum please submit them using the form below. This form will close on 14th May.   We will be recording the session and uploading it to this webpage for any families who are unable to make this time. 


Below you will find the form for questions, an overview of the curriculum taught and our letter to parents/carers. 



Please note this contains the curriculum for Year 6 on human reproduction. It is not suitable for younger children and is for families reference only.

RSE curriculum overview by year group