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*Remote home learning*

Additional activities: 

  • Read aloud for 15-20 minutes every day and discuss what you have read.
  • Practise times tables and related division facts (Log in to TT Rockstars for this).
  • Log in to MyMaths for additional revision of any area in maths.
  • Practise the spellings sent weekly plus the statutory spellings for Years1-2. 
  • Practise your handwriting. 
  • Do exercise every day and also include Art and DT activities in your weekly routine.
  • Learn how to do your shoe-laces and your fiddly buttons. 
  • Help around the house with cleaning and cooking.
  • Challenge yourself to learn something new (e.g. sewing, origami, skipping, words in a different language etc.) and send us pictures of what you have learnt- the most interesting ones will get published!


Questions to support reading at home

Statutory Spellings for Years 1 and 2 from the National Curriculum 2014