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Remote Learning




Our remote learning provision is a mixture of live lessons, online and offline tasks.  Please see our remote learning policy and/or Guide for Parents (at the top of this page)  for more detail on the number of lessons, subjects and expected workload. 


Children in Years 2 to 6 will receive their remote learning via Teams.  Children should have a minimum of 7 live lessons a week (4 of which should be English and Maths). In Year 3-6 children should have enough work to cover 4hours a day (20 hours a week).  In Year 2 children should do 3 hours a day (15 hours a week).


Children should use the yellow wallets that were sent home last term or resources provided by teacher. .  Teacher's will let you know what they need to handed in or uploaded. 


Children in Reception and Year 1 will receive their remote learning via Tapestry.  This will include pre-recorded lessons and activities. We are also trialling using Teams (via live story-telling and some live lessons). 


Children who attend school as part of our Critical Worker or Vulnerable child provision will receive the same access to the remote learning (live lessons and work set) as children at home. 


All live lessons are being recorded. This is to enable families who have siblings in the school (and wouldn't be able to access the live lessons at the same time) to schedule their children's learning at times to meet their own needs. 


When supporting your child please remember:

  • Your child/ren will need frequent movement breaks. At school we generally have a break every hour and our lessons are broken up into sections that allow children to move around.   
  • Your teacher will advise on the activity set and how much support your child/ren need.  Remember don't aim for perfection! Teachers need to see what children are able to do to plan effectively.  If your child/ren have been asked to complete the work independently then that is what they should do.
  • If you are having difficulties supporting your child please email (in the first instance) your child's class teacher. 

Contacting teachers: The chat function on Teams will only be available during live lessons. Parents/carers and children should not try to privately message any staff using Teams without confirmation that they can do this. Staff will not respond to any private messages and may report this to senior leaders. 


Reception/Year 1 can use Tapestry for contact but only to upload work or comment on your child's learning. Any other issues should go via the year group email. 


 If you wish to contact your child's teacher for any reason please use the email addresses already in use or via  Emails will only be monitored between 9am to 5pm each day.   



Families/children can request a phone call (or video call if appropriate) please request this via the office or year group email. 


Marking & Feedback: All children will be give a deadline by which work needs to be completed and uploaded. Children who hand work in late will not receive any marking or feedback (unless prearranged with the teacher).   Teachers will provide in-depth marking for 1 English, 1 maths and 1 other subject per week. All other marking will be recognition marking.  


If your child/ren are unable to access Teams (either due to lack of suitable equipment or internet access) please follow the link below and complete the contact form.  We do have laptops that we can loan to families.