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W/C 20.04.20

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Our topic in Geography this term is 'Local area - Forty Hall'. You will notice, each activity is linked to different subjects in the curriculum.

It is only expected for the Year 3 student to complete 4 topic assignments at their own pace. We have suggested submitting them as you go along rather than waiting for the deadline to submit them all, and we would like at least 1 of the tasks to be done by 27th April
You will see the assignments on Arbor titled with the different names for each activity. Once you have completed one task, chose the correct title and upload it as an assignment. 
Final deadline on Arbor is Friday 1st May.


Can't access the internet to research?

A document has been put together for you with a selection of information from the Forty Hall website. This can be found on the home page of Foundation. The information provided is sufficient to complete the tasks.


- Everything you imagine, you can do...and whatever you dream will come true. - 


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Bonjour tout le monde,

I hope that you are well and had a good break.

This week, we are learning numbers up to 20. Please note that so many new words are best learnt over the course of the week, revising and learning a few new words each day.


You can even teach them to members of your family so we can play Loto (Bingo) together next week.


There is nothing to hand in this week. Just enjoy learning the numbers (games are optional but fun) :

  • There is a Powerpoint presentation (just click “Read Only” to open it) to introduce all the numbers;
  • I have created a set of flashcards to help you learn the numbers. If your adult agrees to this, you can sign-in to Quizlet and join our Year 3 class. To do this, use this link :

  • The flashcards are here:

  • This is a link to a matching game online:

  • And this is a link to a maths game in French:
Amusez-vous bien,
Madame D.

The numbers up to 20