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Summer 1 Week 1


Bonjour, this week, we are learning numbers up to 100.

  • This is the link to the Quizlet flashcards that you can use to learn the numbers.


  • There is also a document with tips on how to learn and revise efficiently AND another with worksheets on numbers if you fancy a wordsearch and some matching games.


  • This is a link to a timed test on numbers to 100 (perfect retrieval practice if you ask me, do it a few times to see if you can improve you score!)



Only for those who did not actually do the correct task last week (I have a list, I know who you are!):

  • Watch the video carefully again (  )  until the end. On the last slide, LISTEN carefully to the answers to the questions on the slide and WRITE them down. It is a comprehension exercise, so do not make up your own answers!

Take a photo of your work and upload it.


Merci, et amusez-vous bien.

Mme Dejonghe