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Summer 1 Week 4 11.5.20

Remote Home Learning

Maths Summer 1 Week 4 11.05.20 – Revision of formal written methods for multiplication and division.


From this week onwards, we will be revising the different topics taught in maths. The focus this week is formal written methods for multiplication and division (both long and short). Please read the work carefully as it clearly states which work you do and do not need to submit.


Each day you will have some arithmetic questions to answer in order to keep your fluency skills ticking over. You will find the answers at the end of the work…no cheating!


Lesson 1 – Multiplication

Today you will revise the formal written methods for using the expanded method and compact method for multiplication. The PowerPoint will guide you through the steps of the method and there are many examples. Your tasks include some calculations to solve followed by mastery questions. Remember to show your working out for the calculations.


Lesson 2 – Long division

Work through the PowerPoint to revise the method for long division. Use the Success Criteria to help remind you of the steps. Take your time to work through each step carefully so that your final answer is correct. Remember you can also use the inverse to check the calculation. Complete the calculations showing your working out clearly. To challenge yourself, complete the mastery tasks.


Lesson 3 – Short division

Today’s lesson will focus on short division. As with the previous lessons, use the PowerPoint to work through the steps to solving the division calculations. When ready, complete the tasks, showing your working out. There are also optional mastery questions.



Lesson 4 –  TTRS and MyMaths (based on this week’s work)

Initially, spend time catching up on your work this week. When you log on to MyMaths there are lots of different activities that have been set. You do not need to complete all of them! They are just a good selection for you to revise and please remember that there is a lesson attached to the activity – use this to help you if you are stuck! Please also spend some time on TTRS challenging yourself and others as your recap your times table and division facts.



Lesson 1 Multiplication

Lesson 2 Long Division

Lesson 3 Short Division

Lesson 4