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Summer 1 Week 4 w/c 11.5.20

Summer 1 Week 4 English Overview


Salamander’s Dream


This week, we will continue to look at the graphic novel. You will see that more pages of the story have been added for you to look over and interpret. Below is an outline of your 4 English lessons this week. You do not need to do them in this order, however, each activity will lend itself to the next.


Reading: Re-read the graphic novel so far – a little bit more has been added – and use the talking points on the PowerPoint to help focus your thinking. Try to visualise what is going on in your imagination to bring the story to life. You then have a Talk for Writing activity to complete. You will see some model answers on the final 2 slides to give you an example of the expectation.


Grammar: This week we are recapping types of sentences. When writing fiction texts (as you will be this week) you need to try and use all types of sentences in your writing to build tension, add cohesion and show your full writing potential. Once you have worked through the PowerPoint there is a short game to complete. Please remember to use a variety of sentences in your writing this week.


Writing: Start by looking over the graphic novel again. Today, you will be focussing on one page in particular. Recap the features of a good piece of fiction writing – all of these features need to be in your work today. Follow the PowerPoint and use the model narrative to help with your own writing. This needs to be an extended piece, at least half a side of a4 if not more. Think about how you are going to use the features correctly and cohesively in your work.


Spellings: This week’s spelling is looking at the word family gram and common words within this. Work through the PowerPoint and practice your spellings by defining them and putting them into a sentence. Can you get any of these words into your writing next week?!


If you have any questions about your work, please email