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Summer 1 Week 5 w/c 17.05.20

Summer 1 Week 5 English Overview


Salamander’s Dream


This week, we will continue to look at the graphic novel. You will see that more pages of the story have been added for you to look over and interpret. Below is an outline of your 4 English lessons this week. You do not need to do them in this order, however, each activity will lend itself to the next.


Reading: Re-read the graphic novel so far – a little bit more has been added – and use the talking points on the PowerPoint to help focus your thinking. Try to visualise what is going on in your imagination to bring the story to life. You then have an activity to complete. As we have already done a lot on Hailey, you may choose to complete this task on Salamander if you wish – although a framework has been provided for Hailey. Please choose the character and complete the task.


Grammar: This week we are recapping the use of conjunctions. Following the slides, you will complete tasks using co-ordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions. It is important that in your work you use a variety of all conjunctions in order to keep your writing interesting.


Writing: Start by looking over the graphic novel again. Today, you will be focussing on two pages in particular and using these to create your own comic strip. Using the teacher model and the key features list, you first need to add text to the framework provided. If you are feeling particularly creative, feel free to recreate the pictures yourself! Once complete, you then need to create a blurb for your comic strip. Again, use the model and key feature list to help you. Remember this is a writing lesson so you should be including all of the features and writing in detail – at least half an a4 page.


Spellings: Recap your spellings from last week. Can you spell them correctly? This week’s spellings look at words that could be both nouns and verbs. Work through the PowerPoint and practice your spellings by defining them and putting them into a sentence. Can you get any of these words into your writing next week?!


If you have any questions about your work, please email