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Summer 2 Week 3 w/c 15.6.20

Summer 2 Week 3 English Overview


This week, we will be looking at a new text called Amazing Inventions. Have a think about all the inventions you have in your home; are they amazing? How do they help you? Which one could you live without? Which one could you not live without?



Read through some of the e-book. There are discussion questions to think about as you go through (you’ll be reading more of the book next week!) Thinking about inventions in your home, complete the tasks on the PowerPoint. Make sure you work your way through the whole document carefully – there are 2 tasks to complete.



This week we are recapping verbs and tenses. Work through the PowerPoint, making sure you use the spectrum to help you understand how to use the verb tenses correctly. There are several slides for you to have a go, you do not need to submit those answers. There is only 1 activity for you to complete and submit, please ensure all of your answers are written in full sentences.



Before you complete this, please ensure you have completed the Reading lesson – it will help you understand the task today. The outcome of today is to write a balanced argument answering the statement The internet has made the world a better place. Use the reading you have done so far, as well as the extra research provided on the PowerPoint, to plan and write a balanced argument. You should plan your writing first to ensure that your writing is of a high standard. In school, we will also be videoing ourselves delivering our argument; if you are at home we’d love you to send your videos in too!



Recap your spellings from last week. Can you spell them correctly? This week’s spellings continue to look at synonyms and antonyms. Work through the PowerPoint and practice your spellings by completing the task. Can you get any of these words into your writing next week?!


Please Note: We will no longer be giving feedback on your spelling work. You just need to complete the task and then submit it. 


If you have any questions about your work, please email