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Summer 2 Week 4 w/c 22.6.20

Summer 2 Week 4 English Overview


This week, we will continue to look at Amazing Inventions. By the end of this week you will have read the whole book and thought more about the inventions we have in the 2st century.



Read through the rest of the e-book. As you go through there will be some discussion questions; these are to help focus your thoughts and ideas. There are 2 tasks to complete and a framework to help shape your answers.



This week we are recapping some of the prefixes we use in our writing. Work through the PowerPoint revising the meaning and application for each of the prefixes. There are 3 short tasks to complete and a scaffold to help complete if needed.



Before you complete this, please ensure you have completed the Reading lesson – it will help you understand the task today. The outcome of today is to write a non-fiction report for children. As you have been given an audience you must think about how you’re presenting your writing and the language you are using. What do you like to read?! Colour is essential in this to engage your audience. Use the plan scaffold to help shape your writing before writing it out in full.



Recap your spellings from last week. Can you spell them correctly? This week’s spellings continue to look at synonyms and antonyms. Work through the PowerPoint and practice your spellings by completing the task. Can you get any of these words into your writing next week?!


If you have any questions about your work, please email