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Summer 2 Week 5 29.06.20

Remote Home Learning

Maths Summer 2 Week 5 29.06.20


There are two main sessions for maths this week. The first session is linked to Bread Making and the other is focused on Shape. For the sessions this week, the order in which they are completed does not matter therefore you may select which session to do when.


Session 1 – Ratio and Proportion

Work your way through the Ratio and Proportion PowerPoint. There are examples to help explain the difference and some questions for practise. The task itself is linked to our Bread Making activity and can be completed on the Word document provided. Why not have a go at making bread this week!

The answers can be found on a separate PowerPoint so make sure you complete all sections before looking!


Session 2 – Tessellation

This session looks at tessellation which was inspired by M. C. Escher who was a Dutch graphic artist. You will create your own tessellation using the examples from the PowerPoint for inspiration and a short video clip with instructions on how to do this. Please upload a photograph of your creative work. We look forward to seeing it all!


Session 3 – TTRS and MyMaths

Please continue to log into TTRS to practise your multiplication and division facts. There are three MyMaths activities for you to complete for this week. They are all shape related tasks (Lines of symmetry, Rectangles and irregular polygons and for a challenge, Plans elevation which involves visualising shapes).  You do not need to submit answers for these.

Session 2 Tessellation