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Summer 2 week 5 - 29.6.20

Here are two tasks for Summer 2 week 5. We would like you to complete these tasks to the best of your ability and submit by Sunday 5th July. You may submit your R.E task as a document or a photograph of the completed work. For your video message task, follow the guidance in the task section, you may find the link useful.

Please see further below for additional tasks about Getting Ready for Secondary School.

Upwards and Onwards!

As we draw closer to the end of Year 6, we feel that it is important that we help you get ready for your time at secondary school. We have planned some lessons that will help you to reflect on your time at primary school but also think about your next steps for starting Key Stage 3!

The lessons we have planned involve a lot of discussion so it would be a good idea to talk to your older siblings and/or adults at home.


Task: For the first session, watch the clip below (approx. 20mins).

You may want to pause the video after each scenario of the day (Getting Lost, Making New Friends, Homework, Fitting in, Losing things) so that you can talk to someone about what you would do and how you feel about these things.

You do not need to submit anything for this.

Upwards and Onwards

Still image for this video

Getting Ready for Year 7

This PowerPoint will help you consider the importance of being organised at secondary school. There are five different sections and tasks to complete. You do not need to submit all tasks but please make sure your complete all. There is a word document for you to complete the tasks and submit. It will be helpful for you to talk to someone at home about starting secondary school and how you feel.