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Summer 2 Week 6 06.07.20

Remote Home Learning

Maths Summer 2 Week 6 06.07.20


Session 1 – Ice cream investigation

This is a short investigation that involves working systematically to find the answers. It is a good idea to record all possibilities so that you can keep track of your answers. There is a variation of the investigation if you would like an additional challenge!


Session 2 – Maths challenges.

You will be solving mathematical problems or puzzles using your mathematical knowledge and explaining your methods and reasoning.

The answers can be found on the last slide of the PowerPoint so make sure you complete all sections before looking!


Session 3 – TTRS and MyMaths

Please continue to log into TTRS to practise your multiplication and division facts. There are three MyMaths activities for you to complete for this week. They are all related to ratio and proportion. You do not need to submit answers for these.


Session 1 Ice cream Investigation

Maths challenges