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Summer 2 week 6 - 6. 7. 20

Transition to secondary school is a significant change for pupils and many will feel nervous and/or excited about it.  Sometimes they find it hard to believe positive things about themselves and for many it is easier to believe the negative things.  An acceptance of self is important for maintaining a realistic sense of self-esteem, whist being aware of and accepting differences in people reinforces own uniqueness. We believe that it is really important for pupils to be aware of all the positive qualities they all have and what makes them unique.

All about me is designed for pupils to select positive attributes in themselves/ self-awareness. The aim is to highlight pupils’ successes, strengths, talents and interests to build their resilience, self-esteem and confidence.

Here are two tasks for Summer 2 week 6 to be submitted by Sunday 12th July.  Tasks can be submitted as a document or a photograph of the completed work.

As part of preparing you for secondary school, we would like you to work through this PowerPoint and if possible, talk to someone at home about how you are feeling about starting secondary school. There are some short video clips for you to watch and then a task for you to complete. The last slide has a link to BBC Bitesize where there are lots of video clips about starting secondary school.

You can also contact your class teacher to share your thoughts by emailing