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Day 1: Monday 23/03/20

Talk about feelings and emotions with your children. Read the Cinderella story with your children and talk about the different emotions and feelings of each characters. E.g. Cinderella was very sad and lonely and the beginning of the story, the step sisters were jealous of Cinderella.


Children to look make different emotions looking into the mirror and draw what they can see on paper.

Once finished, children can label their drawings. E.g. Eyes, mouth, nose, sad face, happy face.

Day 2: Tuesday 24/03/20

1. Find different types of music for the children to listen to on YouTube e.g. classical, jazz or upbeat music. Talk about how each music makes them feel. How would children dance to the different types of music?


2. Play a guessing game where the children have to tell how you are feeling by the expression on your face. Talk about what expressions can tell us about people's feelings and how others' expressions can affect us - for example, if someone smiles at us, we might want to smile back.

Day 3: Wednesday 25/03/20

Let’s get messy!

Make playdough with your children, encourage mathematical language when measuring and mixing the ingredients. The children could look at the cup/jugs while adding ingredients and talk about the capacity, if it is full, half full or empty. Once the children have made their playdough, they can improve their fine motor skills by watching various playdough disco videos on YouTube.