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Vulnerable children

Some children are identified as "vulnerable" and will be asked to attend to school.  We will identify and contact families on a case by case basis.  This may also include children who are unable or don't access remote learning effectively.  Again, we will identify these families and contact them directly. 


If you feel there is a specific reason why you feel your child should attend school please complete the form below and we will consider each request on a case by case basis.


If your child/ren do not have access to good quality IT equipment then please use this form to request some loan equipment.   Teams works best on a PC, laptop or Tablet with a keyboard.  


Please note we are unlikely to be able to provide more than 1 laptop per family.   We also have some spare SIM cards providing mobile data if you have difficulties accessing the internet please also use this form. 

Special request for children who need access to loan equipment or additional support.

Please include as much detail as possible of the issue your family is facing and why you are requesting support. Please indicate whether you are requesting additional support or loan equipment. If you would like a member of headship or SEN team to contact you please indicate