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W/C 04.05.20

Grid 2 W.C 04/05/20

Topic in Geography this term: 'Local area - Forty Hall'. 

How many tasks should I do?

topic assignments at your own pace. We have suggested submitting them as you go along rather than waiting for the deadline to submit them all.

Where do I upload them?

You will see the assignments on Arbor titled with the different names for each activity. Once you have completed one task, chose the correct title and upload it as an assignment. 


When is the deadline for all 4 tasks?

Friday 29th May 


Can I have an example of the activities? 

Yes, some tasks have an example of 'what a good one looks like' ...or at least to give you an idea!


Can't access the internet to research?

A document has been put together for you with a selection of information from the Forty Hall website. This can be found on the home page of Foundation. The information provided is sufficient to complete the tasks.


- Keep looking up, there may be a rainbow waiting for you - 


Sampler examples



this week we are using our numbers to ask and say our age.

This is the link to the video.


There is NOTHING to upload unto Arbor this week as we are concentrating on speaking and listening skills. But you need to watch this at least a couple of times in the week to make sure you practise the questions and answers and remember them without prompt.

À la semaine prochaine

Mme D.