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W/C 06.07.20


Remote Home Learning

Maths Summer 2 Week 6  06.07.20 – Addition, Subtraction, multiplication and Division Revision Skills.


Here is an overview of your week of Maths. Please read the work carefully as it clearly states which work you do and do not need to submit. The activity each day should take no longer than 20 minutes.


Each daily lesson will be on a PowerPoint with all of the day's work on it. There are arithmetic questions to answer in order to develop maths fluency at the start of each lesson followed by the day's work.


If you are finding the work difficult there is a page of support questions.


Should you wish, there are also Mastery and Greater Depth extensions for you to complete. 


Monday -  To review and practise the addition and subtraction column methods.

Tuesday – To review and practise the multiplication column method. 

Wednesday – To review and practise the division method.

Thursday – TTRS and MyMaths (based on this week’s work)

Friday – catch up day!

Spend this time catching up on anything set this week.

Weekly Timetable