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w/c 15.6.20

Over the next two weeks, Foundation lessons will be covering a mixture of Music, R.E and PSHE.


There are six tasks - two Music, two R.E and two PSHE.

The two Music tasks plus one R.E task and one PSHE task are compulsory. Please look at the grid for the instructions. Any extra documents (PowerPoints or Word Documents or their PDF versions) are attached for the teaching and tasks.
We would like a minimum of four of the tasks (the combination of tasks is listed above) to be completed by Sunday 28th June. (We would like at least one of the tasks completed by Sunday 21st. We would be very happy if you wanted to complete more or all of the tasks.) 
We recommend that as you complete each task, you submit it and then move on to the next. You may submit it as a document or a photograph of the completed work.

Foundation weeks 3 & 4 Grid

Foundation weeks 3 & 4 Grid 1