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W/C 20.04.20

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Year 3 Summer term 1

Welcome to week 1 maths home learning.

Please find attached this weeks planning.

The focus this week is on Geometry - 2D & 3D shape including angles.


  • This term there will be 3 main pieces of work set as well as MyMaths which will be set on Thursday.
  • Friday will be a catch up day!
  • Each day you will find an exciting challenging piece of maths work with support materials and resources to help your child understand the learning at a greater depth.
  • Each day's work will be put onto Arbor where you can submit it once it is completed. 
  • Please do not worry if the work is completed on different days due to work or family commitments.

Maths home learning can be made more fun and interactive by using 2D and 3D shapes and objects found around your home environment.  

            Have a motivated maths learning week.

Year 3 team