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w/c 23.03.20

PSHE: Wellbeing Project

For your first remote learning Foundation task, we would like you to do the following:


- Go through the 'Wellbeing Project' PowerPoint

- Refer to the other PowerPoints as directed

- Use this information, as well as additional research, to complete the following activities:


1. Create a leaflet or poster on wellbeing.

2. Draw up a daily timetable for yourself for the next two weeks.

3. Design a balanced menu based on the food and drink that you have available at home .


(More details can be found on the final slide of the 'Wellbeing Project' PowerPoint.)



A short French assignment will be set every week on Monday.


Here is this week's:

Please watch the following video on YouTube:


The task is explained at the end.


You can also go on Quizlet to revise the vocabulary, a set as been created just for you:


Have fun / Amusez-vous bien

Madame D.



Each week, you will have grammar activites to complete. These will not be set on Arbor so you will not need to submit anything, but please make sure that you do them as they will help you with your English work!


You have two tasks this week:


1. Go through the 'Determiners' PowerPoint, completing the activities on paper as you go. When you feel that you have a good understanding of determiners, complete one of the Determiner Detectives worksheets. There are 3 different challenge levels (indicated by the stars at the bottom of the sheet). You can either choose your challenge or work through all 3 in order. 


2. Complete the Year 4 Grammar & Punctuation Challenge (PowerPoint), completing the activities on paper as you go, to test your grammatical knowledge.