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W/C 27.04.20


Bonjour tout le monde. Ça va ? Moi, ça va bien.

This week, we are playing Loto (Bingo)!

You might want to quickly revise your numbers before we play this. You can also play with a member of your family if they have 10 min. There are 2 games of Loto on the presentation.

First, draw a 3x3 grid on a piece of paper and choose 9 numbers between 1 and 20, for example:

Now open the PowerPoint presentation and play.

  • If the presentation does not appear on Arbor, please download it from the school website.
  • If it does not open correctly on your i-pad, try downloading Powerpoint from the App Store (it’s free) and open the presentation with it. 

Your task: send me a photo of your loto game, whether you have won or not!


Bonne Chance!

Mme D.