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W/C 27.04.20

Remote Learning WC 27th April 2020

We have designed the work so that you need not do more than 20 mins a day. Each PowerPoint will take you through what you need to do. The task slide will make clear what needs to be completed and uploaded. Should you need to communicate with your teacher please continue to use the contact link on the website. 

Thank you for all your brilliant work so far  - we are very proud of our brilliant independent year 3 students and hope to see you all soon.

 Monday - Spellings

Ask someone in your family to test you on last week’s spellings. Practice your new spellings with look, cover, check. Use the PowerPoint to help understand the spelling rules. The PowerPoint includes a challenge and what to do if you find this task difficult.


Tuesday - Grammar - Varying sentence openers

Using the PowerPoint provided continue with our sentence building work to look at different sentence openers. Also included is a challenge and a scaffold to support if you find this task difficult.


Wednesday - Reading comprehension

Please complete the comprehension task . It is a picture based task where children will use evidence from the picture to explain their reasoning.


Thursday - Writing task - setting description

Using the PowerPoint provided and continuing with our study of The Storm , children will write a setting description of the marsh. There is a word bank and scaffold to support the writing. If you would like a challenge write contrasting paragraphs describing the marsh in Winter and Summer.


Friday - Catch up

No formal work provided so it's a good time to catch up on reading , maybe write a diary of what it's like being at home or for those budding writers perhaps you have an idea for a story!




Word bank