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w/c 29.6.20

As we are approaching to the end of term, we are now moving on to use White Rose Maths learning resources.


The work will not require practice questions, as the idea is to apply what you have learned and practiced over the year to these tasks, as part of consolidation and revision in preparation for Year 5!


Each day you are expected to complete two worksheets and an optional Challenge question.


Ways to complete the activities


1.You can choose to print the activity sheets to write on, then take a photo to upload.
2.You can look at the activity sheet on the screen and write your answers on paper with a pencil, then take a photo to upload.
3.Type and upload a separate word document.


Note: The resources are attached separately in addition to the PowerPoint, as they are often very difficult to read on the slides.


You can find useful videos to help you with the tasks on:

Please note: we may not follow the order of lessons on website.


Unit: Fractions


Overview of Lessons:

Lesson 1: Recognise tenths and hundredths

Lesson 2: Equivalent Fractions

Lesson 3: Equivalent Fractions (continued)

Lesson 4: MyMaths tasks


Optional: Arithmetic Test (To complete at your own pace)


Recommended: Daily practice of times tables on TT Rockstars.

Arithmetic Test (optional)