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W/C 30.03.20

Reminder: This is your RE learning for the week. You can choose to complete it all in one go and then submit it on Arbor, OR you can do a little bit each day and submit it at the end of the week.


This week you are creating a comic strip of the bible story The story of Zacchaeus. All instructions have been assigned to you on your Arbor account.


We can't wait to see your finished piece of work and how much effort you have put into it! 


Year 3 team


Bonjour tout le monde,

we continue introducing people this week: our family!

This is the link to the video, your task is at the end. No need to upload anything this week, just lots of talking!

And if you have time over the Easter holiday, here’s a little craft activity you might want to do (no pressure!)

Amusez-vous bien

Madame D.