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w/c 30.03.20

D&T project: Design and make a robot


For your next Foundation project, we would like you to design and make a robot with one or more moving mechanisms.


When you have finished making your robot, please submit the following on Arbor:


1. A clear photograph of your finished robot.

2. A labelled, full-colour design, with extra annotations if you made any changes while you were making your robot. (If you did this on paper, it can be photographed/scanned.)

3. A typed (or handwritten and photographed) evaluation.


All of the details are in the PDF below (which is also available as a PowerPoint on Arbor).



Please upload a couple of typed (or handwritten and photographed/scanned) paragraphs on Arbor including your answers to the questions in the first PDF below (also available as a Word document on Arbor). Happy listening!

this week, we are looking at a few more weather expressions.
Watch this video a couple of times and make some notes to memorise the vocabulary:​
Go on Quizlet and practise the expressions. Here's the links to join my Y4 class (you will have to sign in, a lot of you already have):
There are lot of fun games based on my flashcards, spend some time playing them.
Lastly, watch the video of Alain le Lait, this crazy French musician who writes songs to help you learn French:
There's nothing to submit this week, just have some fun singing and play Quizlet games. A la semaine prochaine (see you next week!)
Mme D.



Please complete the attached 'Grammar Mats'. For each mat, there are three levels of challenge. You can either choose your challenge or work through all three.