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Week 1: 1st June 2020

Welcome back Reception, we hope you've had a brilliant half term and enjoyed the sunshine. It's Art Week for the two weeks and our topic is 'Summer in the city' so all of our activities will be based around this. We can't wait to see all of the great work you will produce. 


Activity 1 - Home 


Talk about the difference between the 4 seasons. What do we do in the summer? How do we dress? Why do we dress that way? What do we eat in the summer?

Look at the painting Castle and Sun by Paul Klee. Provide children with lots of different-sized triangles, squares and rectangles in bright colours and let them create their own castle collage. Can they choose where to put one yellow or gold circle to be the sun?

You could cut out these shapes if you don’t have any 2d shapes or look for objects in your house shaped like that.

Castle and Sun by Paul Klee

Castle and Sun by Paul Klee 1

Activity 2 - Home/School


Go outside with plain paper and wax crayons. Show the children how to make rubbings of different raised textures on walls and pavements. Look for interesting bricks and manhole covers with patterns. Does it work better using the crayons held on their side? Try making some rubbings of bark on trees in the outside area or park.


Activity 3 - Home/School 


Make a simple map of your outside area. Hide some treasure – gold coins, wine gums or chocolate money. Mark the hiding place with an X on your map and ask children to help you find the treasure.

Let children draw their own treasure maps. Doodle a large island shape on some paper. Show them how to represent different landmarks such as trees, churches, houses, rivers, lakes, and of course a cross marking the spot where their treasure is hidden.