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Week 1: 1/06/20

 The children have had a lot of experience adding different numbers up to 20. The next step is for the children to record their work. They will start writing number sentences, e.g. 5+2=7

At school we had talked about + meaning to add together and = meaning equals/ is the same as. You would say 5 add 2 is the same as 7 or 5 add 2 equals 7.  This helps them understand the 7 is the same as 5 add 2 when you inverse it.

Home Activity 1:

Ice cream maths.

Your child can draw an ice cream cone for them and one other person in their house. They can add a scoop of ice cream to one cone and add more scoops to the other cone. How many scoops of ice cream are there altogether? If you have toy ice cream cones this can be done with the toy cones and pom poms- see the picture below. Encourage your child to write the number of ice cream scoops above each cone. Draw an add sign in the middle and an equals sign at the end. Can your child write the answer?

Picture 1

Home - School Activity 2:

Fruit maths.

Choose a fruit and draw two pictures of them (or print out). Use buttons/ raisins or similar to be seeds. Place some seeds on one of the fruit and some on the other. Can your child add them together? Ask them to write the number sentence. How many can they do?

Picture 1

Home - School Activity 3:

Ice Lolly maths

Draw an ice lolly with different coloured layers. One for you and one for someone else. How many layers does yours have? How many does the other one have? Can you add them together? Can you write the number sentence?

Extend the learning- You can challenge your child to colour the layers in a repeating pattern.

Picture 1