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Week 1: 20th April 2020

We will be uploading 3 activities a week on a Monday. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to organise your time and do the activities when it suits you. If you do not manage all of the activities that is fine as well. 

This week is about patterns.

Exploring Patterns- discuss repeating patterns (AB and ABC). Eg. The below pattern is AB as it is red, green, red, green, red, green.

An ABC pattern just means there are three units in the pattern, eg. Red, green, blue, red, green, blue, red, green, blue.

Provide children with at least 3 repeats of the pattern. Patterns can be shapes, colours, sizes, actions, sounds.


Activity 1:

Go for a stroll with your children (imagine you are in the deep dark wood). Let them collect leaves, twigs, daisies, dandelions, pebbles etc. Children can count out how many of each they have collected. Children can then put the objects into a repeating pattern. Talk about what would come next in the pattern.

Activity 2:

Snack time. Tell the children they are going to have a fruit kebab. Provide a selection of fruit in small pieces such as grapes, apple chunks, banana pieces etc. Let your child design their own fruit kebab pattern, eg. Grape, banana, apple, grape, banana, apple, grape, banana, apple.

Can your child make up a name for their snack similar to the foods in the Gruffalo? eg. Scrambled snake. Can they count out how many of each fruit they have? How many pieces are there altogether?

Activity 3:

Do you have any woodland animal toys that link to the Gruffalo? You can use any small animals, dolls etc. Ask your child to make a repeating pattern using 2 animals, then increase to 3 animals. If your child is confident with these repeating patterns introduce more complex patterns. The ones below are called AAB (circle, circle, triangle) and ABB (circle, triangle, triangle). This would equate to snake, snake, mouse if using animals related to the Gruffalo.