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Week 1: 20th April 2020

This term we will be moving our phonics learning onto Phase 4. This is a little bit more difficult, therefore the activities set will be a choice of either Phase 3 or Phase 4. Each child is at different parts in their learning, therefore please do not feel you need to do the Phase 4 learning if your child is not ready. 

All the weeks activities will be published at the beginning of the week on Tapestry and the website.There will be three activities for the week, hopefully this will allow you to plan your week ahead and not feel obliged to complete tasks daily. Once completed you can either add all photos or videos in one post or separately, whatever is easier. 


Activity 1: 
Phase 3: Revise your sounds using the Phase 3 powerpoint. Attempt to write some of the sounds if you can. 

Phase 4: Can you read these sentences from the Yes/No powerpoint on the website? Which words did you find difficult to read? Get your adult to model segmenting the sounds (split the sounds by doing robot talk)


Activity 2: 
Phase 3 and 4: 
Choose which powerpoint to use, either phase 3 or 4. Use the sound button powerpoint to read some of the words and choose 3-5 words to write on a whiteboard or paper. 
Activity 3: 
Using the words from the list below, write each word individually on post its or bits of paper. Play a game with your child where you take a letter away and they need to identify the missing sound. Use the image as a guide or to adapt the game if need be.  

Phase 3: jam, van, shop, fizz
Phase 4: tent, cross, hump, went


Activity 3: Phonics game

Activity 3: Phonics game 1