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Week 1: 20th April 2020

The topic for the next two weeks will be relating to the book The Gruffalo. The children would carry out different activities to make this topic enjoyable. There will be three tasks set each week, you can choose when to do these tasks with your children so there is more flexibility.


As an additional task, the author of the story, Julia Donaldson, has created a song about the Gruffalo, can you learn the song and the Makaton actions in the following two weeks? Once you have learnt it, a video would be great to show us. 


Activity 1: 
Read the story ‘The Gruffalo’ with your children, this will be our new topic book for the next two weeks. If you do not have the book, you can listen to it on youtube or watch the video of Mrs Fawcett reading it. What did your children like and dislike about the story? 

In the story there are a lot of rhyming words. Can your children Investigate the rhyming in the book? Which words rhyme? Can you think of other words that rhyme with those?


Activity 2: 
Can your children describe the Gruffalo to you?

Now can they will make their own imaginary monster, encourage them to use their phonics knowledge to label its features. 

The children can draw, paint or use the website to do this task. 


Activity 3: 
Can your children create the mouse’s favourite food, the Gruffalo crumble?

They could do this by using the recipe attached to the observation or this could be a messy play where they make their own Gruffalo crumble by using any ingredients found at home or in the garden. 

Don’t forget to write down the recipe and get very messy!

Gruffalo Crumble Recipe

Gruffalo Crumble Recipe 1